9 Essential Tips for Selecting an Auto Body Shop in Orange County

Owning an automobile comes with certain responsibilities; proper maintenance is one of the most important. Keeping the car in top notch condition is crucial. However, every car faces some kind of major or minor problem in its lifetime. A car owner should recognize the issues and be in contact with an auto body shop in case of an emergency.
Hence, finding a reputable and reliable group of mechanics is necessary. Among a lot of choices, selecting the perfect shop for auto body repair in Orange County could be tricky. Before car troubles grow any larger, find a suitable repair shop.

9 tips for selecting an auto body shop in Orange County, CA:

1. Recommendations

Almost everyone uses a car these days; therefore, ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues for recommendations. They have surely experienced some sort of difficulties with their cars; ask which shop they went to for their problem.
Customer satisfaction is an important factor in this aspect. If good service is provided, the customers will definitely recommend the best body shop in Orange County.

2. Price

A shop offering an affordable rate is always desired but prices vary along with the services they provide. The cheapest rates may not be the best choice for your vehicle as it may not assure quality. Even the high priced ones may offer something that is not needed for your car. Hence, check what you are being charged compared to the amount and quality of work that will be done.

3. Check online reviews

Almost every auto body shop in Orange County has an online presence where customer reviews are available. Those online reviews are mostly unbiased and help a customer build a clear idea regarding how the shop will cater to their automobile issues.

4. Check Your Warranty

Find out if your car is under warranty. If so, check the shop that you are planning to visit has a proper arrangement with the certain car dealer and can provide you all the services that you are supposed to get under warranty. Without the proper knowledge, the warranty may be violated.

5. Get an Estimate

Major automobile repairs can be costly. When you have shortlisted a few of the shops for auto body repair in Orange County, ask them for estimates. This could give you a clear and concise idea of the costs. It would also negate any chance of hidden or unwanted charges if any.

6. Interact with the Shops

Visit the shops for a face to face interaction. Talk with them regarding the repairing and replacements. The mechanics tend to discuss technical terms but you should insist them to explain all of it in a simpler way so that you get a clear idea.

7. Professional Certifications

Before selecting the shop, check for professional certifications of all the staffs and technicians who are going to take care of the car.

8. Location Convenience

Ensure the shop is located near to your house or closer to your daily route.

9. Compare

Shortlist a few stores and compare their services and prices to choose the most convenient one.

Find the Best Auto Repair Shop in Orange County, CA

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